About Normandy

With its 350 miles of coastline and richly varied landscapes, Normandy gives you a wonderful choice of scenery and culture: the stunning beauty of the cliffs in Etretat or the long sandy beaches, steeped in history, from Caen to Arromanches, the Seine Valley winding between wooded hills and chalk escarpments, the craggy hills of the Suisse Normande, and the patchwork of fields and hedges of the Calvados county with its orchards and timber-framed cottages, for more info: en.normandie-tourisme.fr

Alencon  16 km

Amsterdam 690 km

Argentan  42 km

Brest  450 km

Caen 100 km

Le Mans 70 km

Calais  380 km

Canterbury 450 km

Cherbourg  225 km

Dover 440 km

Eurotunnel  330 km


Flers  84 km

L’ Aigle  55 km

Le Havre  167 km

London 525 km

Mont St. Michel 150 km

Mortagne au P.  27 km

Nantes  245 km

Paris 180 km

Rennes  215 km

Rouen 170 km

Saint Malo 195 km

Sées  16 km

Villages and cities in the vicinity of La Baie

Le Mêle sur Sarthe at 8 km. is the shopping village.

The distance to the town of Alençon is 16 km. More info click here

Sées is a touristic village at 16 km de La Baie. More info click here

Mortagne au Perche at 24 km is a beautiful town in the well-known horse area Le Perche. More info click here

St. Ceneri le Gerei at 32 km is one of the most beautiful villages of France. More info click here

Le Mans is at 70 km and is well-known for its cathedral and the 24 hours of Le Mans. More info click here

Some pictures of villages and towns in the area: